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The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library

We have collection of two million materials includes about 350,000 materials on open shelves that are accessible to users.
We are equipped with about 900 seats, 300 seats with power supply and 600 seats without it.
Laptops can be used on all the floors except on the 5th floor.
Free Wi-Fi is available on all the floor except in the 5th floor reading room.

Free Wi-fi & TOKYO
Free Wi-Fi & TOKYO

1st Floor  2nd Floor  3rd Floor  4th Floor  5th Floor

1st Floor                                                   1F Floor map

General Information Counter

If you are unable to find the materials you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask for help at this counter.

Pick-up /Return Counter

The Pick-up/Return Counter is where you pick up materials from the closed stacks. Please bring materials back to the Pick-up/Return Counter when returning them.

Photocopy Request Counter

Photocopies can be made of materials from the Central Library’s collections to the extent allowed by the Copyright Law.

Business Information

A wide range of information resources, such as company profile directories, information about various industries, marketing information materials, CD-ROM, and online databases are available here.

Law-related Information

Materials and online databases related to the law, regulations, and court cases are available here.

Health and Medical-related Information

Materials related to health matters, disease and illness, and medicines are available here. A collection of patient’s journals for more than 260 types of illness and disease are available here. (All of the patient’s journals in the collection are written in Japanese.)

Information on Tokyo and Cities around the World

In addition to materials related to Tokyo, a wide range of materials related to cities in Japan and overseas are available here.

Computers with the Internet Connection

An application must be needed to use the Library’s computers.
Each person is allowed to use the computer for 30 minutes.
If there is no other person waiting, an extension may be accepted.
However, the Library computers may not be used to send, receive, or read webmail. It is also not possible to print out screen images of web pages.

Online Databases

Over 30 online databases for searching newspapers, precedents, and company profile directories are available.
Each person is allowed to use the database for 30 minutes. If there is no other person waiting, an extension may be accepted.

List of Online Databases (Japanese only)


Newspapers for the latest three months, reduced-size editions of newspapers are available here. There are also newspapers published in other countries as well as foreign-language newspapers published in Japan.
Older issues of newspapers are kept in the closed stacks.

List of currently published newspapers
Search the Catalog for magazines and journals


Three exhibitions take place for coming Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games as follows.
“Olympic and Paralympic Games”
“Tradition and Culture of Japan”
“Books on Japan”
Please enjoy a selection of the best out of 150,000 books in English, French, German, and more in “Books on Japan”. You will find out attractiveness of Japan more through the exhibition.

2nd Floor                                                   2F Floor map

Social Science and Natural Science Room

Materials in the social sciences and natural sciences are available (including informatics, politics, economics, statistics, sociology, education, natural sciences, engineering, agriculture, forestry, commerce, transportation, and communication).

3rd Floor                                                  3F Floor map

Humanities Room

Materials are available in the humanities (including library science, philosophy, history, geography, manners and customs, folk customs, ethnology, the arts, sports, languages, and literature). In addition, catalogs of exhibits at art museums can be found in the Fine Arts Information. Information regarding exhibits being held at nearby art museums is provided by promotional leaflets that are placed in the Library.

Chinese Books, Korean Books

Chinese books and Korean books in all fields are available here.

Service Room for the Visually Impaired

This room is used for blind and visually impaired people.
The Library produces Braille books, talking books for loan to those who request them. Those books are sent to the registered user by mail.
Trained volunteers read out books for the visually impaired.(reservation needed)
Screen readers and low vision reading machines are available

4th Floor                                                   4F Floor map

Wireless LAN can be accessed from all of the seats in the 4th floor reading room.
You need to make a contract with the appropriate provider* with the device that can access wireless LAN. The Library does not lend out personal computers.
Free Wi- Fi & TOKYO is also available on this floor.

*Following providers are accesible
BB Mobile Point by Soft Bank, docomo Wi-Fi( japanese only), au Wi-Fi


Group Reading Room

This space enables a group of people to study together in one room, while making use of materials from the Library. Even someone from outside the group of people can study in this room, provided there are empty seats available.
*Group of 15 or more should reserve up to one day in advance.There is a two-hour time limit for reserved use.

Exhibition Room

There is an exhibit room for displaying rare and unusual collections of materials housed in the Library. The theme of the exhibits is changed several times a year.

5th Floor                                                5F Floor map

The seats for readers on the 5th floor provide a quiet place for users to read materials from the Library’s collections, or carry out research. To maintain this atmosphere, the use of devices, such as personal laptop computers or calculators, is not permitted at the seats for readers on the 5th floor.

Special Collections Room

Opening hours 10:00am-5:30pm

This room contains collections of rare materials (including books with Japanese-style binding, drawings, and multi-colored woodblock prints) dating from the Edo Period (1603-1868) to the late Meiji Period (1868-1912). In order to preserve the original documents and materials, reproductions of the originals are provided for viewing when reproductions are available.

Digitization of rare materials is being carried out, with updates posted on the Library’s website as the materials become available.

the database of images of the rare materials.
EDO TOKYO Digital Museum

Audio-Visual Materials Room 

Opening hours
Mondey-Friday                   1:00pm-5:30pm
Saturday,Sunday,Holiday  10:00am-5:30pm

This room contains collections of audio and visual materials on such media as CD and DVD, which are used primarily for investigation and research. The materials cover such fields as history, traditional craftsmanship, natural phenomena, and dialects. The materials in the collections are narrated almost exclusively in Japanese. The room provides booths for viewing or listening to the materials. The audio-visual materials are not available for loan. The availability of materials can be checked by online catalog on the Library’s website.

Search the Catalog


Opening hours:
Monday-Friday                    10:00am-8:00pm
Saturday, Sunday, Holiday   10:00am-5:00pm

You can bring your own food and beverage and eat/drink it here.

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