Reference Services

Inquiries are accepted by telephone, letters, and email. (However, inquiries by email are accepted only from inhabitants of Tokyo. Reference questions about Tokyo and inquiries regarding materials from the collections in the Special Collections Room are accepted from everyone.)

Moreover, the Central Library periodically prepares bibliographical tools to help reduce the time users spend obtaining information.

Special Services for the Visually and Physically Handicapped

For those who have difficulty reading using regular methods, the Tokyo Metropolitan Library offers the following services to assist them in making use of the Library's stocks.

The Library produces talking books and braille versions of its books for loan to those who request them. These materials are sent to the borrower through the mail.

Materials that are not available at the Tokyo Metropolitan Library can be obtained by means of an interlibrary loan from the collections of talking books and braille materials of any of the public libraries or braille libraries located throughout the country. The Library then loans out the obtained materials to the borrower. (It is necessary to first register for this service.)

If a talking book or braille version of the material you wish to read does not exist, do not hesitate to put in a request. We will produce the requested materials. To have any book, magazine, or journal in the Library read to you, all you have to do is place a reservation.

Cooperative Service with Public Libraries Throughout Tokyo

There are approximately 385 public libraries in the wards, cities, towns, and villages in Tokyo.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library and the Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library lend books to these public libraries in Tokyo to meet the needs of their users. (Certain magazines and journals, as well as some of the rare materials housed in the Tokyo Metropolitan Library, are not available for loan.)

In addition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Library provides support to the public libraries in Tokyo with reference services and training for library staff.

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