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The Tokyo Metropolitan Library promotes library services in two libraries;
The Central Library and the Tama Library.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library is a library to support surveys, research and finding solution for the residents of Tokyo. The Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library offers a variety of magazines and services for children and youth. These two Metropolitan Libraries propel the services with close cooperation.

There are 2.49 million volumes in the libraries.The proportion of foreign language books is about 10%, and an eminent collection in Tokyo.


Three exhibitions towards the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 in session

For coming the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, three exhibitions are now taking place on the first floor in the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library as follows:

  • “Olympic and Paralympic Games-Let’s get excited for the Tokyo 2020 Games!”
  • “Tradition and Culture of Japan-Discover more about the attractiveness of Tokyo and Japan!”
  • “Books on Japan-Let’s know more about Japan!”

Please click the following link to check out the video on You-tube!  We are sure that you will find out attractiveness of Japan more through these exhibitions.

We launched the English video introducing valuable materials for understanding Edo culture on Tokyo Metropolitan Government Official YouTube!

We launched the English video introducing the contents of Edo Meisho Zue, an illustrated guide describing famous spots of Edo (pre-1868 Tokyo), and Atariyashita Jihon Doiya, an illustrated storybook written by the famous comic writer Jippensha Ikku. Please check them through our website "EDO TOKYO-Digital Museum", which provides enjoyable opportunity to learn about Edo/Tokyo culture and its history with our special collections.
Please click the following links to move to the webpages. We hope you will enjoy!

The other English video produced by Tokyo Metropolitan Library on YouTube

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