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The Tokyo Metropolitan Library promotes library services in two libraries;
The Central Library and the Tama Library.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library is a library to support surveys, research and finding solution for the residents of Tokyo. The Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library offers a variety of magazines and services for children and youth. These two Metropolitan Libraries propel the services with close cooperation.

There are 2.49 million volumes in the libraries.The proportion of foreign language books is about 10%, and an eminent collection in Tokyo.


Onward to Edo Castle!

At this time every year, Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library holds exhibitions introducing visitors to some of the rare materials in its collection, especially the “Materials on the Construction of Edo Castle” (Significant Cultural Property), as part of the Tokyo Heritage Week.
This year’s exhibition “Onward to Edo Castle!: Ceremonies and annual events held in the Shiro Shoin and Kuro Shoin” focuses a variety of ceremonies and events held in the grand hall and two drawing rooms called Shiro Shoin and Kuro Shoin in Honmaru Palace, the main section of Edo Castle, featuring architectural design drawings from the “Materials on the Construction of Edo Castle” along with colorful ukiyoe woodblock prints and historical documents for a total of about 40 items.
In a secondary exhibition space, visitors can experience the world of Chūshingura, the famous story of the vengeance by the Forty-seven Rōnin, with the partial full-scale reproduction of the Matsunorōka (Pine Tree Hallway) in Edo Castle, which is known as where the chain of events began. Also available for viewing are reprints of the series of 12 ukiyoe illustrating the Chūshingura story as well as reproduced panels of a drawing measuring nearly 17 square meters that depict the Honmaru Palace.


29/10/16 - 13/11/16(except 10/11/16)

10:00 am - 5:30 pm( - 8:00 pm on Friday)

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library ,Gallery and Hall (4F)

Admission Free



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