Unemegahara from "Guide to Famous Spots of Edo Vol.1"
Compiled by Saitō Chōshū, Painted by Hasegawa Settan 1834-1836 (Tempō 5 to Tempō 7) Kaga Collection 256

Unemegahara was located in what is today Ginza 5 chōme, Chuō Ward. The name of Unemegahara stemmed from the fact that until 1724 the residence of Matsudaira Uneme-no-sho-Sadamoto, the Imabari feudal lord was located there. The residence was relocated to Kōji-machi after a great fire. A riding ground was then constructed on the vacated site, and the surrounding area developed as an entertainment district. It is said that it was a flourishing area with a row of booths, reed screen shacks, professional storytellers, joruri (dramatic narrative chanted to a shamisen accompaniment), teahouses, and archery ranges.