Illustration of the Cardinal Points of the Inner Citadel (Gohonmaru Hōi Ezu)
Important cultural property "Materials on the construction of Edo Castle" Tokyo Shiryō Collection 616-D1

In the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library there are documents related to the building of Edo castle (passed down in the Kōra family), which have been designated as important cultural property of the state and this illustration is one of these. In this drawing the four Taoist gods focus their orientation towards Edo castle. It is understood that the temples and shrines and Mitsuke (gates) were positioned in such a way to protect Edo castle.

With Kanda-myojin as a principal tutelary shrine of Edo, Kanei-ji, modeled on Enryaku-ji which built a temple in Mount Hiei to protect Kyoto in the Heian period, built Kanei-ji Temple naming the height of Ueo as the Mount toei (East Enryaku) and enforced their defense of the north. In addition to this, they transferred Sojo-ji temple to protect Ura-kimon (Demon's back gate)